has been a blog and online industry discussion site since 2001 for Gary Jensen.

One of the first blogs in New Zealand has been the place for Gary to test ideas and to bring online discussions in an ad-hoc manner while launching projects in the global and national markets online.

The original “weblog” covering the search marketing industry from an NZ perspective as it stood in the years following 2002, is still available as an archived site – 2002 – 2004 search engine marketing blog and various previous discussions on the NZ SEM industry are available as archived SEM discussions

Gary Jensen has been leading entrepreneurial tech divisions and companies both globally and nationally for more than 10 years in some of the most competitive online verticals (online gaming, local search, mobile enterprise apps). Over that time Gary has gained deep insight into bringing technology businesses to profitability, brands to fruition and automating business processes in competitive markets.

Taking ownership of team leadership, technical direction, market analysis, corporate strategy, financial planning and recruitment while finding innovative solutions to business challenges is the way Gary brings his experience to teams.

Gary is currently leading R&D on enterprise mobile apps with Telogis, is formerly Executive Chairman of and CEO of Gary is actively investing in and consulting to high-tech start-ups particularly those based from Christchurch, New Zealand.

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