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deep experience


Deep experience engaging consumers having managed seven figure online advertising budgets and engagement with databases of 1m+ consumers


5 years building mobile enterprise applications in the US market actively disrupting entrenched providers of regulatory services


Chairman of the board of the NZ HiTech company of the year 2014 prior to successful funding round with MOVAC.


Founding investor and mentor for Lightning Lab Christchurch 2015. Participant in multiple angel investments from 2011.

Diverse Experience

Principle advisory, Gary Jensen has been leading entrepreneurial tech companies and divisions both globally and nationally for more than 10 years in the most competitive online verticals


Non-executive Chairman of the Board leading up to 2nd round funding.


Actively disrupting entrenched Mobile providers in US Fleets for Field Services and HOS (Compliance).

Lightning Lab

Mentoring and investing in young start-ups in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Kiwi Gaming

Global online gaming including keynote presentations, new market launches and large scale consumer marketing, conversion, engagement and retention.

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